Melchizedek Symbols


The Melchizedek Symbols as a system uses symbols to help you evolve.

Learning the Melchizedek Symbols will equip you with the necessary knowledge for your ascension. Symbols can be harnessed for energy healing work. They can also be used for protection, cleansing and removal of discordant energies and entities.

The Melchizedek Symbols also aims to help each person to transform their life. When you meditate upon them, you are working with the energy and quality of the symbols. Each symbol represents a certain characteristic like love, stronger will power, stillness, etc. Meditating on the symbols will transform the quality of your consciousness to that of the Ascended Masters, owning your personal power, unconditional love, service and leadership.

The Melchizedek Symbols are actually symbols created within our human construct. So the body becomes quicker in self healing after the attunement to the symbols. The symbols will heal without the need for bringing in energy from external sources.


The Melchizedek Symbols is a new dispensation founded and given to humanity by Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek in December 2004, channelled through co-founder Rev. Kelvin Khemery.

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